K-O/Appearance Request

***NOTICE: K-O will not be available for events in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic***

Name: K-O
Height: 7 Boomerangs
 Weight: 2,416 Baseballs
                      Born: Kangaroo Island, Australia
      Resides: Campanelli Stadium

K-O is available to entertain fans outside of Campanelli Stadium and at Rox games!

Some Events K-O likes to attend:

School Fundraisers
Community Events
Birthday Parties
Company Picnics

K-O is available to make appearances year-round and will work to fulfill as many requests as possible!  

Based on the nature of the event, K-O is usually available at a small cost. 

Preference will be given to community affiliates and organization who partner with the Brockton Rox.

Call 508-559-7000 to see if K-O is available on the day you would like!